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2wayflanged 2wayscrewed 3wayflanged 3wayscrewed

V Port Design:
Flexible design allows easy conversion to a variety of configurations.

Valves adapted to suit any specified pneumatic or motorised actuation as well as existing control installations.

Tried and Tested:
Over 30 years active industrial service demonstrating high levels of proven performance.

Additional Applications:
Available with finned extensions for very high or low temperature installations.

300 P.S.I. Pressure Rating:
All Hanrahan Valves are rated to a pressure of 300 P.S.I.

Spares and Service:
Being locally made a full range of spares are always available for repair and modification of valves. Hanrahans also provides a complete repair an overhaul service for both our own and other brands of valves.


The Hanrahan Automatic Control Valve is a Standard V Port Design to provide greater control with less wear. Valve sizes, with screwed or flanged connections range from 1/2 inch to 2 inch in a variety of standard Cv ratings. Flanges are ASA or British Standards, screwed end connections are BSPT.

An outstanding feature of the valve design is its flexibility. A simple change of valve plugs, seats and outlets converts the Hanrahan Valve to either a 2-way or 3-way valve with a push to close or pull to close action.

Valve body is cast Bronze, the top bonnet is in Brass. Packings are standard non-lubricated Teflon V Rings. The stem, seat and standard plug are 316 stainless steel.


Valve Size Available Cv’s
1/2″ Any Cv up to Cv 4.0
3/4″ Any Cv up to Cv 6.0
1″ Cv 8, Cv 10, Cv 12
1 1/4″ Cv 16
1 1/2″ Cv 25
2″ Cv 46
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